Last night was a step backwards but today was two steps forwards. I managed to make up for all my losses, plus book a good profit. I feel a little stupid, because now I realize that on top of taking some brutal beats last night, I was also playing scared money. I wasn't making my usual semi-bluff raises, etc. I was probably very predictable to any solid players sitting at the table. I'd been so used to just running over everyone at the short handed $50 max tables that I became scared money when people didn't fold to continuation bets and the like.

Today was different. I mixed it up well, caught a lot of strong hands, and got action. Poker is about 80% skill, 20% luck and timing. Or maybe it's 60/40. I don't know. Point is, luck and timing came into play here. That was the difference between yesterday and today.

I have to tell myself that at this point in my poker 'career', on average, I am going to be better than 6 out of 9 people at a $100 max table. I need to play like it, though.

I averaged 32% flops seen across three tables. Without Pokertracker, I'm unable to get a true breakdown, but I think I'm LAG pre-flop with a tendency to tighten up post-flop. Not a good combination! I have to either play LAG post-flop or make my whole game TAG.

i woudlnt dwell to much on poker tracker though i used to use it on party i cant use it on my CDpoker site where i get 40% rakeback but tend to be between 30-35/10 on max 6 tables and that works out fine with me. But in the end if u spend too much time worrying about the numbers u'll never spend enough time worrying about how u play cause in the end numbers dont matter how u play after the flop does
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