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I work for a large financial corporation and one floor of one building in a different city than the one in which I work had an outbreak of Measles so now we're all required to provide proof of vaccination. My Pediatrician is dead and my current doctor's secretary can't find my records. Any of them.

Well my disposition was to say fuck it and call it a day, but now I'm being asked to get a blood test. Uh, no. Sorry. I don't let my work dictate that stuff. I'm in a good position here as far as leverage and they've offered to refund any co-pay I may have plus give me a full day off for the blood test without it being deducted from my vacation, but it's about the principal and they don't understand that.

Different floor. Different building. Different city. None of these people have been here. I'm not getting the Measles. I had an MMR shot as an infant and a booster shot before college, and that was only 9 years ago.

Of course, this reminds me of Gary Sinise in Apollo 13 saying he doesn't have the Measles but I can't remember if he ever did get them or not, and Kevin Bacon won't be taking my spot if I'm told to stay home.

I'm sure that later on today when I'm not as annoyed, I'll agree to the blood test because it's a free day off to play poker all day in exchange for a prick on the finger and a half hour at the office.


Wes posted this NYTimes.come article about a kid robbing a bank to pay off poker losses. If there's any justice in this world, the last words that kid will here are "I'm all in" followed by a large black man probing his intestines while he weeps like a little bitch.

Be a man and own up to your shitty poker play, then kick the addiction. That teller must have been scared to death. Hopefully he gets what he deserves.


I managed to call a blogger a cunt today. Maybe it was due to my aggravating morning, but I doubt it. He defnitely had the tone of a cunt. Kind of an offensive word. Maybe some people will think I was angry. I wasn't. I throw swears around like any other words in the English language. I'll call someone a cunt if they make a right turn without a blinker. Doesn't mean I really care for more than a couple seconds.

And how can you take anything seriously in the blogosphere or whatever people call this artificial world? Unless you have get togethers, and I never will, we're all just faceless voices and versions of ourselves who share at least one common interest -- poker.

Enough breath wasted about this. Stay profitable unless I'm at your table.

The post was directed at DP not by you at any means. Keep on blogging and don't worry about DP or anybody else.
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