Mechanical Play Experiment: Complete

I played a little over 2000 hands using the strategy I listed out below, and booked $200 profit.

There weren't many memorable hands. I found that most people will fold to an all in when there are three of one suit on the board and they will fold to an all in on a board that makes a straight.

My profit came from going all in after making a set on the flop.

There is definitely profit to be made by employing a strategy like this, but my win rate is higher when I play my usual game.

Hey can you break it down? Like 6 tables, I busted one, I trippled one, etc, etc. Just interested in how it worked out on each table..
Also what level.
Interesting. I'm going to guess this actually works $25NL, but doesn't at anything higher.
You're right, Wes. I tried it at $50 NL first but it wasn't working and I knew it would work at $25 NL. It was just a matter of how well it would work.

I can't get CD Poker to work with Poker Tracker so I don't have detailed stats, but I will do a breakdown.

I honestly didn't think anyone read this, so thanks.
I'm interested to see...
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