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I played for two hours last night for a whopping -$60 profit which was offset by $20 in bonus and $26 in rakeback payment. My loss came from two hands where my instincts told me to fold, but instead I called. One day I vow to use the hand converter, but I usually post to Blogger from work, and the site is blocked. Anyways:

Hero is BB ($130)
Villian is UTG+2 ($90)

Cards dealt to Hero [Ah7h]

UTG+2 calls $1
MP Calls $1
SB calls $.50
BB checks

Flop: As 7d 9h

SB Checks
BB bets $4
UTG+2 Calls $4
MP folds.
SB folds.

Turn: 10h

Hero bets $8
UTG+2 calls $8

River: 10c

Hero bets $12
UTG+2 raises to $30

A little more than a mini-raise. I felt like he either had an Ace with a bigger kicker, or he had a monster hand. Either way I shouldn't have called, but I did. He had quad 10's. Fucker. Always nice to go from massive favorite to giant underdog when a 2 outer peels off on the turn. On to hand two.

Hero is SB ($115)
Villain is UTG ($80)

Hero is dealt [AdKc]

UTG calls $1
UTG+1 calls $1
MP calls $1
MP2 calls $1
Button calls $1
SB raises $5.50 to $6
BB folds
UTG calls $5
All others fold.

Flop: Ah Ac 6d

Hero bets $9
UTG calls $9

Turn: Js

Hero bets $25
UTG calls $25

River: 2c

Hero bets $20
Villain goes all-in for about $20 more.
Hero cals.

Villain had AJo. He played this poorly the whole way and peeled a 3 outer on the turn. If stacks were deeper I probably lay down at the end, but it was only $20 more to find out I was fucked.

So, what's the concensus here? Should I have laid them both down? I feel like I should have definitely folded in hand 1, but hand 2 was the unlucky lottery for me.

well its tough for me to figure out these situations without being there....but u def should have laid down on the river on the first hand....upon reading that hand i thought he hit his 3rd 10 on the river and there was no reason to call the extra 18....the second hand i would have played exactly the way u did...with the exception of maybe raising it up preflop....but betting out on the flop and turn is a good play and it disguies ur hand more
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