Unf !!

That's the sound of me being kicked in the gut repeatedly. I've run into set over set and been on the losing end twice.

I'm getting dealt a lot of great starting hands and either whiffing the flop or having second best hand. You know those nights. All the trash hands you want to call, call. Except they fucking murder the flop.

Still, I've managed to not lose too much. It's been some shorter stacks doing the most damage to me. I'm down like $110. Really, that's nothing.

It's a double up away from getting back to even. Three medium sized pots away from even.

If I was superstitious, I'd say it's not in the cards tonight. But I keep getting dealt quality hands, damnit. This shit is bound to pay off at least once, right? Right ??? Sorry, kinda lost it there for a second.

I won't bother posting any hand history because a lot of it reads like either a bad beat sob story or the unlucky lottery. I'll just say this instead: I am fully comfortable with playing short-handed or 10 handed $100 max NL on this site and it will be my game of choice until ze bankroll reaches $3000.00

Good night, and good luck.

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