Tough Hand in the BB 1-2 NL Online

SB is a tricky, solid player.

Hero is in the BB ($248)
SB ($568)

Hero is dealt Ad10d

Folds around to small blind who mini-raises to $4.

Hero calls. Thoughts on just calling?

I didn't want to raise here only to get re-popped while holding a vulnerable hand. Maybe that's playing scared money.

Flop: 5c 10h 6 d

SB checks.
Hero bets $5.
SB calls.

Turn: 6c

SB checks.
Hero bets $10
SB raises $10 to $20
Hero calls.

Honestly, I hate this hand by this point. I feel like I have no idea where I stand but I don't know what he has that beats me unless that flop hit him really hard.

River: Jd

SB bets $75

So, he overbet the pot. I took the full amount of time here before folding, and he didn't show.

I'd like to hear some opinions on this one. The more I think about it, the more I think my turn play sucked.

The turn is a classic way ahead/way behind situation. I usually check behind on the turn to keep the size of the pot down, and to ensure that I can get to showdown cheaply.
Thanks. I've just made the move from $100 to $200 NL and so I'm adjusting to having nearly every continuation bet or any type of flop bet called by the villain.

Since we're second to act, what would you do if he led out on the river?
I would probably just call, unless the player I was facing made some bet that I know he only makes with a monster hand (For example, some players on UB and FT only use the "bet pot" button when they have a big hand), then I would fold.
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